Standard Draughts Set with Mat

Standard Draughts Set with Mat

Price R 799.00 (Inc Vat) Code 806 

Standard Draughts is an attractive and impressive garden feature that offers a unique combination of quality and playability.

This fun and exciting garden game makes a perfect platform to play the popular game of draughts on and is suitable for people who have smaller gardens.

The draughts pieces have a diameter of 10cm and include a set of 10cm queening rods. The set also contains a plastic playing mat which is 1.2m x 1.2m, making this set big enough for all the family to enjoy yet compact enough that these garden draughts has been packed up and taken with you to the beach of pack.

Draughts or Checkers has been around in one format or another for thousands of years and offers a simple game that uses strategy and logic to gain the upper hand.