Giant Chess Set

Giant Chess Set

Price R 8 999.00 (Inc Vat) Code 801 

Garden Games Giant Chess was the first giant chess set that we here at Garden Games produced and it is also one of our best selling products to this day.

The Giant Chess set consists of 32 extremely high quality strong moulded plastic pieces in a simply classic design that will become a instant hit where ever this is placed and are design to be tough and durable.

The pieces come in three sections, the base come as two parts and clip together so that they can be filled with either sand or water, making the pieces weighty enough to be kept out side all the time. The third section is the topper or crown section that identifies each piece.

The pieces each have a base diameter of 24cm and vary in height from 43cm (Pawn) up to 64cm (King) the pieces are produced in the classic colours of Black and White and make a real feature and talking point in any garden.

Our Giant Chess looks fantastic set up a patio of paved area so we do not supply the chess board or mat with the set, but supply these as separate items.

If setting up a patio to use the pieces on then the board should be 8 squares by 8 squares. The squares vertically (running away from you) are numbered 1 to 8 and the squares running horizontally (in front of you) should be called A to H. Once you have identified your squares you can use the following guide to lay out your pieces on the board.

1A Castle
2A Pawn
8A Castle
7A Pawn
1B Rook (horse)
2B Pawn
8B Rook (horse)
7B Pawn
1C Bishop
2C Pawn
8C Bishop
7C Pawn
1D QUEEN (on her own colour)
2D Pawn
8D QUEEN (on her own colour)
7D Pawn
2E Pawn
7E Pawn
1G Bishop
2F Pawn
8F Bishop
7F Pawn
1G Rook (horse)
2G Pawn
8GRook (horse)
7G Pawn
1H Castle
2H Pawn
8H Castle
7H Pawn

Giant Chess is a Great Garden Game and makes a real feature in you garden but if this set is too big for your Garden or space, why not try our smaller Garden Chess Set which comes with the perfect sized peices to be played with inside or outside and comes with a PVC mat all of which can be stored when not in use.

Our Great Giant and Standard Draughts sets are great fun and easy to play to.

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Giant Chess Matts 

Giant Chess Matt R 699.00 (Inc Vat)

Giant Chess Board-Rigid R 2999.00 (Inc Vat)