Giant Draughts Set

Giant Draughts Set

Price R 2,999.00 (Inc Vat) Code 805 

Giant Draughts by Garden Games are an excellent game to have out on your patio or lawn. The pieces are made
from blow moulded strong and durable plastic, each piece measures 25cm diameter and are 8.5cm in depth
making these counters truly giant.

Checkers and draughts have been around for centuries. With this Giant Garden Games version everyone can get involved

Simple and easy to play and understand, its addictive fun for the whole family. With this massive version you can play 2 players or in teams.

The set comes complete with a full set of queening rods that makes move the Draught pieces once queened

The set comes without a mat or board as they are often used on a patio and complement the Giant Chess Set
perfectly. If you would prefer to set the Giant Draughts up on a lawn or other space we do offer a giant mats
or a lawn freindly rigid board that can be purchased separately.