Longworth Croquet Set

Longworth Croquet

4 Player Longworth Croquet Set in a Bag Price R 3 599,00 (Vat Inc) Code 2107

4 Player Longworth Croquet Set in a Tool Bag Price R 3 899,00 (Vat Inc) Code 2132

6 Player Longworth Croquet Set in a Bag Price R 4 399,00 (Vat Inc) Code 2125 

Garden Games started in Oxfordshire country side in the village of
Longworth in 1997 with just one product.

Longworth is a quiet hidden gem of a village. nestled away in the fields and sleepy world of the Oxfordshire country
side in a very picturesque part of the county.

When we introduced our very first croquet set in have named our very first Croquet after the birth place of the
company as a tribute to this wonderful little village which continues to supports us to this day even though the
warehousing has now moved down the road to another equally lovely village in Oxfordshire.

When looking to introduce a croquet set to the market we at Garden Games Limited, reviewed carefully the marke
t as a whole and looked for a gap that we felt we could fulfil by offering something different. The answer to us
seemed to be a full adult sized croquet set, with great quality at a reasonable price.

We launched the Longworth Croquet and Garden Games Croquet with it and have never looked back.
Years on and this wonderful set is as popular as ever! The handy carry bag and the excellent value for money
offered seem to have a long lasting appeal.

The Longworth croquet set includes

4 x 12oz painted wooden balls
4 x Oval spliced wood shaft hard wood head, mallets with a leather grip 37 1/2 inches in length
6 x Hoops (wickets) 4 white topped and one each of red and blue topped hoops,
43.7cm x 12.2m x11mm (D)
1 x Wooden painted winning post 54cm x 4cm (D)
4 x Corner flags - posts 61cm x 33cm (D) and flags 26cm x 31cm
8 x Wooden yard markers - 15.5cm x 2.8cm ((D)
1 x Wooden hoop mallet 41.5cm long
4 x Plastic croquet clips

All packed in a zip fastening nylon bag, with shoulder strap for portability.

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